Soup Cook-off

Saskatoon puts our best SOUPS forward in a Cook-off!

We can’t get together this year, but Saskatoon Chefs are a feisty bunch.  They still want to  know who makes the best soup in Saskatoon for 2021.

The Culinary Federation is is organizing a BLACK BOX competition where chef’s are given the same box of ingredients and, with their own spices and 2 additional ingredients, will create their masterpieces to battle for the 2021 GOLDEN LADLE.

Be part of the action – join us at Studio Nutrien WintershinesYXE  on Friday Feb 19 and Saturday Feb 20 to watch the chefs compete.

2021 Soup Cook-Off Process

 This year’s soup cook-off will be a “Black Box” Competition among 9 of our city’s finest chefs.  Thanks to donations from Sysco and Centennial Fine Foods – and with the support of Saskatoon’s Culinary Association – each chef will receive a box of ingredients from which they will do their magic to create an award winning soup.  Chefs are permitted to add up to 3 additional ingredients to the black box items to perfect their own unique recipes.

Judges  will determine which chef  Saskatoon’s top SOUPER for 2021

Judges will gather to have the soups presented by the chefs, tasted by the judges using a set of criteria, and a winner will be determined . . .the winner of the Soup Master of the Year trophy!

In times like this, kindness is key . . . .

That is why this year’s chefs wanted buddy up with a care home or facility that serves the needs of others in our city and provide them with their specially designed soup for a day.  A lovely act of kindness!

Soup to be donated to: Chef Restaurant
Friendship Inn Darren Craddock Village Bistro
Lighthouse Scott Torgerson Delta Downtown
Central Haven Tish Paget D’Lish by Tish
Stensrud Lodge Lisa Hryciw, Jason Bayona Prairie Meats
Oliver Lodge Sydney Hamelin Taste Group
Porteous Lodge Chad Cruthers Rook & Raven
Sunnyside Dana Chadorf Saskatoon Club
Extendicare Beth Rodgers/Thayne Robstad The Hearth
Samaritan’s Place Eliot Lang Prairieland

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