Igloo Activities

WinterShines' Igloo Activities


In our giant inflatable igloo you can find a plethora of fun and engaging activites. Whether it's a magic show, a veiwing of some of Canada's greatest Olympic moments or just a place to warm up before enjoying more of WinterShines, we have you covered.











Giant Jenga


Be wary and choose your next block carefully or you may be cleaning up your own mess.


Everyday, 12pm - 8pm

Character visits from Frozen


Meet and greet Elsa and Anna!


Feb  21 & 25, 3pm-5pm

Trivia Night


Can answer all questions correctly and crown yourself master of winter olympic history?


Feb 21, 22 & 24, 6pm - 7pm

Scavanger Hunt

Can you beat this clever puzzle and find the treasure?


Sign up at the welcome center to begin down the puzzling road.


Everyday, 12pm - 6pm

Joyful Drumming: Sambatoon


Experience the rhythmic beats from Sambatoon, Saskatoon's dynamic drum group. 


Sun Feb 20, 2pm - 4pm

Board Games

Brought to you by King Me Board-gamery, try  some quick fun board games. 


Feb 22 & 23,


Elite DJ


Music, lights and a DJ mixing tunes, all in the heated igloo brings a unique winter experience to the closing of WinterShines.


Sat Feb 26, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm