Ice Inuksuk Art Installation

Create your own personalized Inuksuk


Sign up and be apart of one of WinterShines most interesting and engaging activites!

Using ice blocks to create ice Inuksuks, families in groups of four are invited to create their own version of these iconic symbols of Canada. The Inuksuks will be placed on the perimeter of the festival site creating a collaborate ice sculpture that will be lit at night. Sign up now to be part of this amazing art installation.

Sign up Information

Want to make your own ice Inuksuk? We got you covered! Follow the link below to sign up! 

When? Everyday Feb 19-26 @ 2pm - 3pm.

Sign up in groups of 4, attendees should be from the same household or social bubble. All ages are welcome. $5 to register a group. Space is limited so sign up early! Your group will be working with artists and volunteers to create an Inuksuk. Each person will create their own unique sculpture and set it in place. All tools and materials will be provided so all you need is yourself and a creative mind set.

Check in at the Welcome Centre when you arrive. This activity takes place at the Banks Courtyard, 409 Ave B, Saskatoon. 

Xiao Han


The renowned Saskatoon-based artist Xiao Han is this year's WinterShines partner in the construction of Inuksuks. With a degree from the University of Saskatchewan, she is focused on the visualization of emotion and community engagement. 


One of her most notiable works "Yee Clun's Lost Story" was permanently installed in the Regina Arts Park.


Qiming Sun


Local artist Qiming Sun is also helping WinterShines with our Inuksuk building this year. With his focus on Neoclassicalism, Symbolism and Magical Realism his insights into the creation of this years Inuksuk's will be invaluable.


His art can be found throughout Canada, the United States as well as within China.


Kyuubi Art Collective


For more information on the Kyuubi art collective, a foundation started by both Xiao Han and Qiming Sun, please click the button below.