Ice and Snow Sculptures

Be part of the making of these frozen masterpieces!


WinterShines is pleased to partner with Tourism Saskatoon, Winterlude, and Heritage Canada to present and entry in the National Ice-Carving Competition. Below you will find links to view the Saskatchewan Entry from Saskatoon and directions on voting. A visit to WinterShines 2022 will include stellar ice carvings, and opportunity to make your own Inuksuk and participate in a snow sculpture workshop.

But don't just view the ice and snow sculptures -- be part of making them!

WinterShines offers different interactive activities where participants help build and design their own sculptures. These activities are ran by professional artist Xiao Han and nationally renowned snow carver Patrica Leguen. Click on one of our displays below to find out more on how to participate!  

When arriving for Snow Carving or Inuksuk Installation, please check in at the Welcome Center to continue on to the activity.

Winterlude 2022

In the National Ice Carving Championship, artists have 20hrs to sculpt 15 blocks of ice to create a work of art inspired by the theme ‘’Olympic and Paralympic spirit."


Vote for your favorite between Feb 11-20, 2022!

Ice Inuksuk Art Installation

WinterShines is excited to give you the opportunity to make your very own ice inuksuk guided by local Saskatoon artist Xiao Han.

Snow Carving Workshops

Work in a team as world renown carver Patrica Leguen guides a workshop on how to create beautiful snow sculptures

Below are photos of WinterShines Ice Carvings from prior years: