Monday February 15 – Sunday, February 21, 2021

FLASH SPECTACULAR in – Displays in Market Square

(6PM – 9 PM daily) Pre-registration required.  Shows at 6 PM; 7 PM and 8 PM. Limited attendance for each show.


Walk through the Ice Blossom display designed by local architect Don Greer  with lighting effects by Studio de Schutter Lighting Design and Production Lighting. This frozen masterpiece is a labyrinth of glacial ice bergs jutting from the earth carved with Saskatchewan flora and fauna. Wander through the maze by yourself or in your family bubble to experience the lighting extravaganza pageant.


Relax and stay warm in the igloo until it’s time to visit the next display!


Enjoy the energy and rocking sound of this lighting and music display set amongst a virtual “forest”. Designed by Byron Hnatuk, Jay Neufeld, and Keith Fitzgerald from Production Lighting,  this show is sure to lift your spirits.

4. ECLAT Lighting Initiave

A basic human dynamics principle is that what comes into our lives – the people and the circumstances – are consistent with our dominant thoughts. This holds true for all of us and is especially poignant now, and has been during this last year.  We have all shared a life-impacting experience brought about by the effects of COVID-19.

And yet we are surviving — while many of us continue to face challenges, many are also thriving. This is important to note as we begin to cast our sights forward beyond life with COVID-19.

The ECLAT Lighting Initiative invited students in Grades 1-3 and Grade 6 from Princess Alexandra School in Saskatoon to select images and paint some pictures of their view of life and what it will look like beyond COVID-19. The photos and drawings were pulled together by the teachers from the school and with the support of the Persephone Theatre, the Alt Hotel and PR Productions, the images are being projected on the face of the Alt Hotel.

We hope this brings some light to your nights and days.

As part of the ECLAT Lighting Initiative taking place in Saskatoon this week, visit a unique lighting installation achieved with the cooperation of Persephone Theatre, the Alt Hotel and PR Productions. The project, named “life after a pandemic” can be seen on the front face wall of the Alt Hotel on 2nd Avenue South between Feb 10 and 21, 2021 from sunset to 10:00 pm nightly. Enjoy it as you walk, peddle, or drive by.


Remember to be safe when you visit, wear your mask, visit with your family members only and ensure maintain a 2-meter from others.