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Saskatoon’s World Famous Conservationist: Richard St. Barbe Baker – Satellite Event

January 25, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

In tropical Africa, the roots for the International Tree Foundation began as the Men of the Trees. In Saskatoon, Richard St. Barbe Baker credits his time spent here as the motivating factor which drove his passion for conservation.

Paul Hanley, author and Robert White, ecologist will introduce Richard St. Barbe Baker, founder of the international Men of the Trees organisation in 1922, now known as the International Tree Foundation. Both knew this acclaimed “Man of the Trees” personally. He was a visionary pioneer who outspokenly campaigned for trees and forests and their multiple benefits – watershed protection, preventing soil erosion, mitigating climate change, providing habitats for animals and places for re-creation for humans. You will hear about his indefatigable drive, his daring accomplishments, his links to Saskatoon and his encounters with with President FDR, and with popes, prime ministers, and personalities of his time.

Saskatoon’s best kept secrets are George Genereux Urban Regional park and Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area.

You will also learn about Baba Wya Miti and Chief Ironhorse? Where is the West Swale? George Genereux Urban Regional Park & Richard St. Barbe Baker Park Afforestation Areas are two amazing forest green spaces in Saskatoon, one named in the legacy of this great champion of trees. Find out Where are they? Why are they? What is the West Swale? What is the Yorath Island Spillway?

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