Winter Camp

BEE-aMAZEd – winter themed maze

Arborist and wood carver DOUG LINGELBACH and LAURA HALE , community artist, have created a maze that includes scenes you might come across walking along the Meewasin Trail.

Discover the five activity nodes throughout the maze, as well as carved wooden animals,  by Lingelbach, and ice sculptures by Fire and Ice.  As well you’ll see magnificent touches added by the Horticulture College and their lead Patricia Hanbidge.

Check out the animal carvings.

Node #2 Saskatchewan Snow Bee installation

Artist: Laura Hale     Medium: textiles and wood

A rare opportunity to see the seldom seen Saskatchewan Snow Bee in its natural habitat. Bee A-Mazed!

Laura Hale is a Saskatoon-based artist whose work encompasses installation art, community-engagement and creative event production.

Node #5 Nature’s Balance

Bee A-MAZE-D by the natural community of animals and plants under a constant cycle of adaptation, competition and renewal.  Humans and Life as we know it disrupts the balance.  In order to Improve the quality of all life, it is essential to find a sustainable balance between man and nature through mindful actions.

Re-purposed trees have been skillfully crafted into modern wood sculpture with each individual piece having meaning.  The students and staff from the School of Horticulture, a Saskatoon horticulture college, bring their skill, expertise and flair of botanicals to the display.  Together with Doug’s power carving skills, they have created many installations of living, balances landscapes in Saskatoon and beyond and are proud to share this unique talent for Nutrien WinterShines 2019.