Virtual Events February 21, 2021

Cultural Performances

Tuesday, February 21, 2021

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Recorded | German Junior Folk Dancers

Watch this short performance by the German Junior Folk Dancers!

Recorded | Saskatoon Salsa Dance Co.

A combination of three different dances all put into one video. First is Saskatoon Salsa'a advanced partner team in their "year end recital". Second is Arri Almeida (student at Saskatoon Salsa Dance Co.) and Mexican world champion salsa dancer, Dioney da Silva. Finally, 24 Canadians from Saskatoon Salsa collaborated with professional dancers in Havana, Cuba.

*Disclaimer* the videos were filmed in June 2020, March 2020, and February 2020 respctively and followed the COVID protocols at the time of recording.

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Recorded | Nrityati Performing Arts

Watch and learn from the Nrityati Performing Arts some classical Indian dances.

Recorded | Durga Dance

Dancers with Durga Dance, like to add fire to their list of props, but due to the cold have not had much time to train outside.  Our usual performers train in belly dance formats and adapt the dance to allow them to use fire fans, staff, poi and torches.   Since we can't bring you fire we are going to warm you up with a quick lesson in belly dance and then to see how it all comes together.  Our short video will start with a lesson then showcase some of these moves in a belly dance routine.  We will also show samples of our Fusion Belly Dance and Fat Chance Belly Dance ® . 

Recorded | Fly Studios YXE

Fly Studios YXE demonstrates a unique alternative fitness concept that utilizes several different aerial apparatuses combined with acrobatics. The concept of flight has captured the imagination of people throughout history.  Aerial arts offer an experience of flight like no other, and provides a sense of accomplishment and empowerment by achieving the "impossible".  Fly Studios YXE is in transition to a new studio, but are continuing their classes and training in a temporary studio that allows them to follow COVID protocols.   Our short video is of students and teachers training and some clips utilizing our portable rig.  The rig gives us the opportunity to bring our aerial arts to any location, indoor or outdoor. 

Recorded | River City School of Irish Dance

Watch students show off their Irish dancing skills!

Recorded | def SOL Productions - Hip Hop Performance and Lesson

Learn basic hip hop moves and watch a full performance.

Recored | Marion Graham Students

Recored | Nutana Students