Nutrien WinterShines Snow Park

This winter we are building the coolest Snow Park Saskatoon has ever seen!

Snow Park Schedule

  • Saturday, January 26      OPENING DAY!    12pm – 8pm
  • Sunday, January 27          12pm – 8pm
  • Monday, January 28        CLOSED
  • Tuesday, January 29  – Friday, February 3    6pm – 8pm
  • Saturday, February 3        12pm – 8pm
  • Sunday, February 5           CLOSING DAY! 12pm – 5pm


$2 entry fee includes access to park, Scavenger Hunt, access to BEE-AMAZED labyrinth,  ice carving, games, and so much more!

Be sure to check the events calendar each day to find out all the activities!

Nutrien WinterShines Snow Park at the Saskatoon Farmers Market: Ave A and Sonneschein Way, Saskatoon, SK


WinterShines Bee A-MAZE-D maze adventure

Find your way through the maze and along the way discover the Saskatchewan themed flora and fauna nodes made from ice, wood, textiles and more.  Discover all five!

Maze concept, design, and construction by Laura Hale and Doug Lingelbach.

Ice Carvings by Fire and Ice – Peter Fogarty, Tom Pitt, and assistant Jeffrey.

Laura Hale is a visual artist based from Saskatoon whose art practice includes public art, outdoor and indoor site-specific installation, temporary and ephemeral land art, object making and community-based projects. Her work often focuses on exploring and responding to location, landscape and the environment and the exploration, collection and sourcing of local and unique materials.

Doug Lingelbach, internationally renowned professional power-carver from Saskatoon, leaves a legacy and a piece of himself in each work of art installed around the world.

Node #5 Nature’s Balance

Bee A-MAZE-D by the natural community of animals and plants under a constant cycle of adaptation, competition and renewal.  Humans and Life as we know it disrupts the balance.  In order to Improve the quality of all life, it is essential to find a sustainable balance between man and nature through mindful actions.

Repurposed trees have been skillfully crafted into modern wood sculpture with each individual piece having meaning.  The student and staff from the School of Horticulture, a Saskatoon horticulture college, bring their skill, expertise and flair of botanicals to the display.  Together with Doug’s power carving skills, we’ve created many installations of living, balances landscapes in Saskatoon and beyond and are proud to share this unique talent for Nutrien WinterShines 2019.